Registration of legal acts

    The Registration of legal acts (expressed through documents) in the Public Land Registry (RPP) is intended to give publicity to the legal status of goods and rights, giving declarative meaning to the document registered in the register.

    (Mortgages, seizures, purchase-sales, donations, establishment of condom regimes, bonds, leases, among others).

    Formality is covered by the laws themselves as an indispensable requirement for certain legal acts to take effect against third parties. However, not any document is capable, as far as its form, is capable of being registered.

    In this regard, the Federal Civil Code (CCF), in article 3005, provides that the registration will only be carried out on those that fulfil the following characteristics: testimonies of deeds, notary records or any other authentic document, authentic judgments and judicial providences, private documents, provided that the authenticity of the signatures and the will of the parties before a notary public have been recorded , registrar, public broker or competent judge.

    Public documents whose formation would have been entrusted to an official, who, in accordance with the law, is endowed with public faith, shall then be recorded. This quality is verified by the ostentation of signatures, seals or other signs recognized by law (art. 129, Federal Code of Civil Procedures).

    In the Public Registers of Commerce, the following acts are recorded, inter alia: registration and modification of the statutes constituting civil associations or companies, as well as the appointment of officials or administrators.

    Inscription of the establishment of foundations or private charitable associations.

    Instruments containing the protocolization of the statutes of foreign civil associations and societies.

    The organization of the PTR is entrusted to the federal entities, being empowered to legislate as to their organic, operational and functional structure.

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