Registration of preventive notices in Mexico

    The preventive notice is a provisional entry that is made on the occasion of the commencement of the procedure of a deed before a notary public, which is intended to prevent during its validity any act that prejudices the rights of the person in whose favor the notice was made, that is, with that measure is intended to provide legal certainty the contractual convention from its preparation until its conclusion and formalization , by virtue of the creation, transfer, modification or termination of property rights or possession of real estate, they constitute preliminary agreements between the parties concerned, which once satisfied culminate in the formalization of the legal act in question; legal certainty that results in making the contractual convention against third parties available if within the term of the preventive registration the corresponding deed is signed.

    The first preventive notice is the act by which the Notary Public informs the Registry that before his faith is in the process of any operation and this notice will be effective of 30 calendar days from the date of filing. The second preventive notice is the act by which the notary public communicates to the Registry the formalization of the operation that has been made before his faith, providing the date of the deed and that of his signature and that of his signature and this will be effective for 90 calendar days from the receipt of the same.

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