Search for companies in Mexico

    The business search is necessary to obtain information about it, such as:

    Sometimes it is necessary to search for a company’s information because we need to obtain information from it as it would be:

    • Shareholders
    • Turn
    • company capital,
    • Proxies
    • changes that society has undergone

    To do this it is necessary to carry out the search for the company work that is sometimes quite complicated when the information of the place where it was incorporated is not known. It should be noted that it is necessary to know this data since that is what determines where the search should be carried out, otherwise it will be necessary to carry out the search in that place or places where it is considered most likely.

    Company information is recorded in a “commercial folio”, a document issued by the Public Trade Registry, however in some states of the Republic the registration of changes that the company has undergone must be obtained from the books of the Registry process that is complicated and expensive.

    Information from commercial companies is regularly more difficult to obtain than property information.

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