Accounting and Tax Services

    General ledger. It consists of making the proper record of your company’s activities to issue financial statements and reports at a certain period of time.

    Accounting administrative diagnosis. Carry out the analysis of the internal processes of the business operation of your organization both financial and operational.

    Tax Diagnostics. We review compliance with your tax obligations in accordance with applicable regulations and then issue an opinion to help you make decisions regarding your contributions.
    Tax supervision. In order to verify the proper determination and calculation made by your accountants, we review the federal and local taxes payable, the tax work papers, as well as the filing of monthly, annual and informational tax returns.

    Tax implementation and optimization services for small and medium-sized enterprises. We analyze your tax situation in order to provide you with advice and support with adequate tax planning.

    Tax consulting. We provide you with tax advice on your day-to-day operations in order to assist you in decision-making.

    Tax returns. We perform the calculation of local and federal taxes, as well as the proper filing of mandatory monthly, annual and informational returns for the client.