Criminal Law

    The complex economic and social reality that our country is going through has resulted in the increase in crimes committed against societies, companies and individuals within the business world. To this end, Grupo Coinesa has consolidated a solid team of lawyers specialized in Criminal Law that is responsible for representing the victims during the stage of the previous consultation before the Public Prosecutor’s Office and during the trial before the Judge.

    However, at Grupo Coinesa we also know that not all persons accused of a crime are guilty, so we also offer first-class services in criminal defender ship.

    We have a wealth of legal experience in these areas, so we can represent our defendants or plaintiffs clients in trials such as:

    • Representation before the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Judge
    • Follow-up of procedures
    • Damage repair
    • Active participation in conciliation processes
    • Extra judicial and judicial negotiation
    • Amparos development