Labor Law

    Labor law is the advice and consultancy in labor matters, in relation to administrative issues and individual labor relations, including the preparation and review of individual employment contracts, advice for the correct preparation of attendance controls, and in general the review and / or preparation of all documentation of an administrative-labor nature.

    • Attention to all kinds of summonses, in relation to complaints initiated against them by any of their workers or former workers before the Attorney General’s Office for the Defense of Labor and / or any other labor authority
    • Legal advice and support in the labor legal area in case it is required to terminate an employment relationship individually or collectively
    • Attention to economic, collective and strike conflicts
    • Manage with the conclusion of a Collective Labor Agreement with a union
    • Advice and consultancy regarding the policies to be followed in collective labor relations, in case they already exist or come to exist in the company
    • Attention to all kinds of appointments before the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, and before any other labor authority, regarding strikes presented by any union by signature or ownership of the Collective Labor Agreement
    • Attention to all kinds of summonses by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Directorate of Federal Labor Inspection and Directorate of Labor and Social Welfare, in order to avoid sanctions
    • Attention to all kinds of lawsuits before the different Conciliation and Arbitration Boards, or any other labor authority and the amparo trial


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