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Coinesa Group

It is a firm that has more than 25 years of experience in the legal and research field.

We provide a nationwide service through our correspondents throughout the republic. We have people in each of the states.

We have provided our services within the financial sector working mainly for banks and companies in this sector such as lessors, bonding companies and insurers, although we also do it for companies in other sectors, such as law firms, automotive companies and for individuals.

We have a specialized area to solve any aspect of research by locating information and relevant documents, helping to solve problems arising from debts and accounts receivable, inheritance, divorces and location of people among others.

Many business issues that become litigation, are not resolved or are difficult due to the lack of an adequate approach to address it, the necessary information is not provided. In others it is necessary that an analysis be carried out and derived from it a detailed investigation to solve it.

Sometimes what is also required is a different approach to negotiate and seek to bring the parties closer together. We are specialists in this type of problem, counting on the experience and the means to contribute to its solution.

We provide a public registry service at the national level for the investigation and location of properties, obtaining certificates of encumbrances and deeds, registrations and verification among others.

We also offer the location of documents such as marriage, birth, death certificates and any information that is relevant to our clients.

In the area of litigation, we offer our services in civil, commercial and criminal matters.

We handle a wide variety of matters, in which we can include those related to property, real estate, the lease of the same, contractual and non-contractual liability, the forced fulfillment of contracts and the termination of them.