Obtaining certified copies of testimonials in Mexico

    Certified copy is the total or partial reproduction of a deed as well as its respective documents of the appendix or only of these or of some of them which the notary shall issue only. All certification will be authorized by the notary with his signature and seal.

    In all states of the Republic it is possible to obtain a certified copy of a deed in the Public Records of the Property except in Mexico City where it is only possible to obtain it in the General Archive of Notaries of the City. However, in states they can be obtained from the Public Registers of The Property, in the north of the country it is common for judges not to accept them for the purposes of a trial and only accept certified copies issued by the General Archives of Notaries. This is due to the increased certainty and legal certainty offered by the document issued by these institutions.

    General Archive of Notaries. It is responsible for the custody, preservation and reproduction of the documents contained in its protocols and their appendices, as well as the storage of the seals of notaries and other notaries that are deposited therein. In Mexico City notaries are required to send the books containing the scriptures they issued after five years and are protected and preserved in the General Archive of Notaries. In Mexico City the only place where you can then obtain a certified copy of a deed after five years is at this institution. In the different states of the republic the time when notaries must send their books to the respective general notary files in the states varies from state to state so it is necessary to investigate and obtain the information in each case.

    It should be mentioned that this document is important when a private photocopied document is offered as evidence, in which a certification practiced by a Notary Public is printed in the sense that it is a faithful and accurate copy of its original that he had in sight and returned to the interested party. Any type of property-related lawsuit requires filing.

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