Property and Company Verification in Mexico

    The verification of Properties and Companies is carried out when it is required to know the detailed information of a property or company code and the registration data of them is available, i.e. the actual folio number assigned to the property or with the commercial folio number in the case of companies.

    For properties, the following information is obtained:

    • Owner
    • Measures and adjoinances
    • Property management
    • Notary and writing data
    • Value of acquisition of the property
    • Assessments
    • Property history

    When verifying a property, the current situation of the property is known in detail as well as the history of the property from its beginning to the present moment.

    It allows to know each and every owner that the property has had the detail of each of the purchases and sales, the dates on which they were carried out, the amount of them as well as the dates on which they were made and the data of the notaries who elaborated the deeds of each of the operations.

    As in the case of properties to carry out the verification of a company, it is necessary to know the commercial folio number that was assigned to it by the Public Registry of Property and Commerce.

    When obtaining the commercial folio, the following information is obtained:

    • Date of incorporation of the company
    • Turn
    • Shareholders
    • Interest
    • Value of shares
    • Legal Proxy
    • Powers granted

    It should be noted that for several years the Federal Government through the Ministry of the Economy has been concentrating the information of all companies at the national level. The process has been ongoing since 2015.

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