Obtaining certificates of existence or non-existence of Levites in Mexico

    This is the most well-known and requested official document in the country’s Public Records.

    It is the document by which, the registrar of the property attests to the burdens or limitations to the property from which the information is requested, by issuing the certification of the registration state that holds an estate.

    When we need to bring to an authority or other person whether moral or physical the condition of non-existence of levies on a property or right, we need to obtain a Certificate of Existence or Non-existence of Levies (better known as Certificate of Freedom of Levy), which is a service where the Public Registry of Property and Commerce reports on the levies or charges reported by a good.

    In order to request it, the data subject must provide the data that is required, which must be clearly and complete for the request to be correct.

    When presented, you will be required to provide the following data:

    • Nombre
    • Teléfono
    • Email

    Additional for real estate:

    • The actual folio number
    • Property address
    • Last headline name

    Additional for moral persons:

    • The number of the merchant folio or moral person folio
    • The social reason or name of the association or society

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