Counseling and Advise on labor matter regarding administrative issues and individual employment relationships, including reviewing and prepare of employment agreements, advise on the proper application of assistance controls and, in general, the drafting of any documents related to and reviewing of administrative labor matters.

    • Attention of all labor complaints filed by employees or former employees against the employers before the Labor Prosecutor office or any other labor and employment authority
    • Advise and support on any employment termination relationship between the employees and the employer individual or collective
    • Support and advise on economic procedures, collective procedures and strikes
    • Counseling on policies to be applied or actually applied during the collective or individual employment relationships between the employees and the employer
    • Attention and support of any complaints before the Work and Social Prevision Ministry or any other employment and labor authority regarding strike procedures claiming for the ownership of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or its signature
    • Advise on the best Collective Bargaining Agreement to be applied with the best option for each employer
    • Attention of all procedures initiated by the Work and Social Prevision Ministry in order to avoid penalties or fines
    • Attention of labor trials before all Conciliation and Arbitration Labor Boards and appeal trials before the Colleague Labor Courts