Strategic Security Services

    Strategic Planning

    • Direct support in bringing ideas to operational plans
    • Development of business plans.

    Quantification and Risk Management

    • Risk and Vulnerability Studies and Diagnostics
    • Identifying and prioritizing critical infrastructure
    • Analysis and Consequence Management
    • Contingency Planning, Prevention and Emergency Response
    • Continuity of Operations Planning and Flexibility of Security Plans
    • Development of Operational Plans and Protocols and Communications
    • Design and installation of SCIFS and Safe Quarters
    • Simulations, exercises and training
    • “Hardening” Facilities
    • Development of Force Protection Plans based on a concept of the US armed forces to describe preventive measures to mitigate hostile activities in specific areas or against a particular population.

    Strategic support at the international level

    • Support across borders in adapting strategies for a new business or a merger understanding differences in the way we do business, cultural aspects and the legal and fiscal environment.
    • Support in negotiating between different international cultures
    • Support in balancing perspectives in international work and negotiations by being a bridge between cultural differences that often impede clearness and understanding on all sides.

    Transparency Services in Government Procurement Processes

    • Solutions in Tendering goods/services and procurement
    • Support in ensuring transparency in tenders, proposals and contracting with governments.

    Good Governance

    Development, application and training in topics of Best Practices in Security and related areas.

    Information Technology

    • Support in the development of IT operations platforms and their security.
    • Integration of systems to a single operational platform.

    Information Security

    • Development of information security programs (physical and cyber)
    • Confidence Background Check and Information Access Levels Development Program
    • Create limited access compartments based on the concept of “need to know”
    • Development and training to form a Security Culture (Security)

    Design of Building and Auditorium Evacuation Plans

    • Evaluation and Design of Command and Communications Centers
    • CCTV and C4s Operator Training
    • Physical Protection System Designs

    Access Control, CCTV Systems

    • Perimeter Security Training and Design
    • Barriers Against Intrusion Design
    • Planning Safe Buildings and Smart Buildings

    Supply Chain Security

    CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) Certification and Validation.

    Geographic Information Systems: (GIS)

    Using GIS and GPS systems for operations coordination

    Scattering, atmospheric and underground models

    Models that support contingency projection in anticipation of the dispersion of clouds and/or other toxic elements in the environment.

    Value-Added Quantification

    Application of actuarial formulas designed to measure added value in various and various governmental or business activities.